I had the very pleasure of documenting a favourite topic of mine called LOVE.

Dear people in and outside Germany,

I'd love to document your kind of love for a small exchange.

Write an email to: hello@lauracarbone.com and we'll figure out something that works for you <3


Excited to meet you, xx LC

Ngoc and her moon in the making

(Berlin 07/2020)

A Sunday kind of Love

N+FW on a Sunday in

Berlin, 11/2019

Welcome to our family, little Love

Milo's First visit at his grandparent's

South of Germany 06/2020

Expecting Love

Rafaela and Sofi in her womb

Berlin, 10/2019

I do love you

Alexander & Eva

Ketsch, 09/2015

Commissoned Work

I love you said "I do"

My sister and my sister in law

Bad Wimpfen, 11/2019

Welcome, little Love

Milo and his proud dad

Biberach, 06/2020 

About finding the love to look into the same direction, again.

Nicole and her dad

Neustadt an der Weinstraße 12/2019

Commissioned work